Customized Real Estate Investing for More Than a Century

As the real estate manager of NYL Investors, Real Estate Investors brings more than a century1 of expertise delivering dedicated solutions to our partners and clients through every market cycle and economic environment. With over $62 billion under management, and more than 170 real estate investment professionals investing in 40 states and 150 markets across the U.S., our team seeks the best opportunities wherever they may arise. 


Our strategies include commercial mortgage lending, real estate securities, and private equity real estate investing and are offered across a range of vehicles, including funds, separate accounts, and programmatic joint ventures. Click here to learn about our capabilities.

We believe investment principles that incorporate environmental, social, governance, and resilience (“ESG+R”) best practices promote favorable relative returns for our clients over the long term.


Real Estate Investors- Total AUM: $62 Billion

Assets Under Management as of 6/30/2021

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Why Invest with Us?                     

Solid Industry Relationships Are Key to Our Track Record 
Industry relationships and market reputation give us an advantage in deal sourcing, helping generate consistent transaction volumes and a compelling track record.

Mandate Selectivity
Being selective with product launches helps us support more effective capital deployment for our investors.

Alignment of Interests
We work with like-minded investors who share the same philosophy and objectives as we do.

Financial Stability of Parent Company
Our parent company New York Life Insurance Company has the highest ratings currently awarded to any life insurance company in the U.S.2

1. Prior to the formation of NYL Investors LLC, in October 2013 it operated as an investment division of New York Life Investment management, LLC which is an affiliated investment advisor that commenced operations in April 2000. Previously, the investment groups of NYL Investors LLC operated within New York Life Insurance Company (New York Life) managing investment program for New York Life’s General Account.

2. New York Life has received the highest financial strength ratings currently awarded to any U.S. life insurer by Standard & Poor’s (AA+); A.M. Best (A++); Moody’s (Aaa); and Fitch (AAA). Source: Individual Third-Party Ratings Reports as of 10/15/2020. The financial strength and ratings of New York Life do not apply to any investment products  as they are subject to market risk and fluctuation. 


Real estate Investing through the Capital Stack

Real Estate Investors focuses on the origination, investment, and management of U.S. real estate-related debt, equity, and securities products. With deep and relevant experience throughout the capital stack and across strategies and sectors, we can take advantage of market opportunities and address diverse client appetites. Real Estate Investors also leverages the deep credit analytics experience of our affiliated NYL Investors divisions: Fixed Income Investors and Private Capital Investors.

We invest all along the risk/return spectrum: from whole loans to structured finance and core equities to speculative development transactions.

Our Platforms

Commercial Lending

Origination and management of core and structured commercial mortgages.

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Direct Equity

Acquisition, development, and asset management of equity properties.

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Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

Investment in conduits, floating rate pools, and SA/SB transactions.


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Meet our senior team of real estate investment experts.

mark talgo

Mark  Talgo
Senior Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Investors
NYL Investors

Mark is a Senior Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Investors. He is responsible for public and private real estate debt investments and private real estate equity investments. The group's primary activities include commercial mortgage lending, commercial mortgage-backed securities investing and the acquisition/disposition of commercial properties for both New York Life and third-party investors. He is also responsible for corporate real estate activities on behalf of New York Life.

Mark began his career in the financial services industry when he joined the firm in 1985. Previously, he was co-head of commercial mortgage production and managed the Structured Investments area within Real Estate Investors.

Mark earned a B.A. from Lake Forest College and an M.S. in Real Estate from New York University.


The 50 Most Important Figures of Commercial Real Estate Finance (Commercial Observer, 2016-2020)


Commercial Real Estate Finance Council

The Real Estate Board of New York

Urban Land Institute

Pension Real Estate Association

Paul Behar

Paul Behar

Managing Director, Head of Business Development

Colleen Larkin

Colleen Larkin

Managing Director, Head of Loan Infrastructure and Business Intelligence

Tim McGinnis

Managing Director, Head of the Real Estate Debt team

Chris McEldowney

Managing Director, Co-Head of the Real Estate Equity team

Thomas O'Hanlon

Managing Director, Co-Head of the Real Estate Equity team

Adam Hayden

Managing Director, Head of the CMBS investment platform

Brian Seaman

Brian Seaman

Managing Director, Head of Asset Management


Contact a representative from Real Estate Investors.

Regional Field Offices

Co-Head of CML Lending

Eric Becher
51 Madison Avenue, Suite 910
New York, NY 10010
(212) 576-7673


Northeast Region

Scott Ingham, Senior Director
51 Madison Avenue, Suite 910
New York, NY 10010

Southeast Region

Randall M. Hall, CFA, Senior Director
3475 Piedmont Road, Suite 575
Atlanta, GA 30305

Western Region

Kirk Kniss, Senior Director
One Front Street, Suite 550
San Francisco, CA 94111


Co-Head of CML Lending

Robert Boyd
3475 Piedmont Road, Suite 575
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(770) 395-2322

Midwest Region

John Howard, Senior Director
303 W. Madison Street, Suite 2050
Chicago, IL 60606-3309

Southern Region

Leslie Cassingham, Senior Director
5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1310
Dallas, TX 75244

Structured Lending

Head of Structured Lending

John Lippmann, Senior Director
Phone: 212-576-6941

Eastern Region Originations

Ryan Doyle
Phone: 770-395-2327

Central Region Originations

Dan Hayes
Phone: 312-977-2606


Western Region Originations

James Nearon, CFA
Phone: 415- 402-4133



National Head of Transactions

Ross Berry, Senior Director
One Front Street, Suite 550
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 402-4103


Coverage Area: Washington DC; Nashville, TN; Charlotte and Raleigh, NC

Kevin Smith, Managing Director
51 Madison Avenue, Suite 910
New York, NY 10010
Phone: (212) 576-7047

Coverage Area: Georgia; Florida

Jordan Hylton, Senior Director
Phone: (770) 395-2333


Coverage Area: Texas;
Phoenix, AZ

Chris Hunt, Senior Director
One Front Street, Suite 550
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 402-4109

Coverage Area: Boston, MA; New York Tri-State

Steven Osborne, Senior Director
51 Madison Avenue, Suite 906
New York, NY 10010
Phone: (212) 576-7633

Coverage Area: Midwest;
Denver, CO

Brian Murphy, Senior Director
303 W. Madison Street, Suite 2050
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (312) 977-2612

Coverage Area: Las Vegas, NV; Southern California

Cassie Mehlum, Director
Phone: (415) 402-4128



Adam Hayden, Managing Director