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Long-Lasting Focus


We’re about more than good quarters. We're about good quarter centuries. It’s our long-lasting focus that helps clients reach long-term goals.


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Domain Expertise


Diverse thinking. Unique perspectives. Deep experience. Our multi-boutique approach enables us to invest with foresight and conviction.

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Relationship Driven


It’s a simple truth. When you truly understand and listen to your clients, the better you can serve them. That’s how we form trusted relationships.


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Our Business

As a full service, global asset manager, we offer solutions across asset classes to generate meaningful outcomes and competitive performance.

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Our History

Our parent company New York Life Insurance Company, has successfully navigated economic and market cycles for over 175 years.

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Our Leaders and Portfolio Managers

Thought leaders and proven managers, we are an experienced, global team focused on consistently delivering for our clients.

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team meeting project passionate


Our Difference

More than investing. Invested. Consistently delivering value beyond investment performance. Ultimately, client success is about trust. Not transactions.

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Who We Serve

We seek to build solutions and strategies that help meet the needs and investment objectives of clients from public and private institutions to individual financial advisors and investors.


At New York Life Investments, we believe in the long term, in sustainable relationships, and in building a better financial future for our clients and communities. Learn about our progress in our sustainability report.

Read Our 2022 Report


As a leading global asset manager, our leaders, experts and products are routinely featured in the financial news and press, and our boutiques are frequently recognized among industry leaders. 



Our purpose-driven mindset has attracted a diverse group of talented individuals who want to do good and support the communities where we live and work. We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture, training and career development opportunities.  


* Assets under management (AUM) includes assets of the investment advisers affiliated with New York Life Insurance Company, other than Kartesia Management, and Tristan Capital Partners, as of 12/31/23. As of 12/31/2022 New York Life Investments changed its AUM calculation methodology, and AUM now includes certain assets, such as non discretionary AUM, external fund selection, and overlay services, including ESG screening services, advisory consulting services, white labeling investment management services, and model portfolio delivery services, that do not qualify as Regulatory Assets Under Management, as defined in the SEC’s Form ADV. AUM is reported in USD. AUM not denominated in USD is converted at the spot rate as of 12/31/2023. This total AUM figure is less than the sum of the AUM of each affiliated investment adviser in the group because it does not count AUM where the same assets can be counted by more than one affiliated investment adviser.