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Throughout its decades’ long history, New York Life Real Estate Investors has been a dynamic player in the U.S. commercial real estate market and has since become a market leader in providing tailored debt solutions across the capital stack. Generally, our team has a $6 billion annual origination target in commercial mortgage loans, including bridge and construction loans, and continues to deliver innovative and competitive financing solutions to meet each borrower’s unique needs.

Our “full-service shop” structure means that we have deep resources to originate and manage our debt investments.

Regional Offices
Real estate investing is a local business. The origination professionals in our five regional field offices use their local market expertise to better structure solutions that work best for your needs.

Loan Management 
Our loan asset managers value our lending relationships and provide personal attention on all requests and proactive risk management to ensure optimal investment results. We strive to continually enhance our client experience, as evidenced by the development of our interactive Borrower Manager system.

Portfolio Management
Our portfolio managers combine top-down, research-based strategies with bottom-up market knowledge to construct and manage diversified portfolios
that seeks to reduce risk, provide stability, and generate income.

Support Services
Our team of in-house engineers, architects, construction and sustainability specialists, and appraisers provides additional support throughout the investment process. Additionally, our dedicated market research team provides valuable macro and micro level market insights and updates on changing market conditions, providing our team with well-informed investment decisions.

Borrower Manager

A platform to enhance loan servicing in addition to the personalized assistance already provided by dedicated Asset Managers, Accountants, and Loan Officers. This portal empowers you with faster and easier access to your transactional information online. Loan information and related documents are now just a click away over a secure channel, and user management can be extended to your authorized representatives.

For access to Borrower Manager, please email us with your loan number and contact information at

Core/Stabilized Lending Guidelines

Property Types

  • Office, Multi-family, Industrial, Retail
  • Specialty: Medical Office, Self-Storage, Cold Storage, Life Sciences, Hotels, Mobile Home Parks


  • Fixed and floating rates at competitive, market-based spreads over Treasuries or SOFR
  • Rate or spread as applicable locked upon receipt of an executed application with appropriate deposits


  • Fixed Rate: 3-30 years
  • Floating Rate: up to 7 years
  • Fixed and Floating Rate combination: up to 7 years
  • Bridge/Construction to Permanent: 7 to 30 years


  • Typically, $25 million to $300 million for single assets, higher for portfolio transactions
  • Will coordinate and structure co-investment arrangements for loans with higher proceeds

Co-Lending on Senior Debt

  • Arrange club loans
  • Participate with a lead lender


Portfolio Financing

  • Financing available of $200 million or higher with participants
  • Fixed rate loans with a floating rate component allow for partial releases and prepayment flexibility


  • Loan to Value: Up to 80% for mortgages, higher for credit transactions
  • Debt Coverage Ratio: Minimum of 1.30X or greater once stabilized
  • Non-recourse except for standard carve outs

Typical Timing & Deposits

  • Transactions approved for commitment and rate lock in a quick and efficient manner
  • Typically, approximately 2% refundable deposit required to lock rate
  • Typical commitment to closing: 30 to 60 days
  • Forward financing options available

Consultant Reports

  • Appraisal
  • Property Condition
  • Environmental
  • Seismic, as applicable
  • Resilience

Structured Lending Guidelines

  • Fixed and floating rate bridge, construction, and mezzanine loans

Property Types


  • Quality properties
  • Well established CBD and suburban locations
  • Functional buildings with modern mechanical and life safety systems
  • Adequate parking ratios


  • Single or multi-tenant institutional quality warehouse and distribution buildings
  • Locations in primary industrial markets with access to distribution systems
  • Functional buildings and site design with up-to-date building and mechanical systems
  • Modern truck accommodations, such as parking ratios, truck courts, and turning radii
  • Large, cross-collateralized pools are a specialty


  • Well-located properties in established apartment markets near employment centers
  • Functional site and floor plans/unit design and features
  • High quality amenities (i.e., leasing office, club house, pools, spas, and recreational facilities)
  • Adequate covered and surface parking for tenants
  • Stabilized or in lease-up


  • High-quality neighborhood, community shopping centers, and dominant regional malls
  • Strong retail trade areas with good demographic characteristics and high traffic counts
  • Appropriate mix of credit/major tenants
  • Appropriate ratio of anchor/local shop space
  • Strong historic tenant sales performance with viable occupancy costs
  • Adequate parking ratios and convenient ingress and egress

Ground-Leased Land

  • Improved, infill locations
  • Location and improvements must have intrinsic, long-term value
  • Capital available for acquisition or financing
  • Location and improvements must have long-term value
  • Loan terms of 10 to 30 years or more
  • Loan payments can be stepped to maximize proceeds for a ground lease that steps

Credit Lease Transactions

  • Strong tenants with long-term triple net (NNN) leases
  • Self-amortizing or longer amortization schedules as warranted
  • LTV as high as 90%
  • DCR as low as 1.01x

Recent Senior Mortgage Representative Transactions*

Seneca Apartments

Chicago, IL


$38M First Mortgage

3-yr Floating Rate

The Caroline Apartments

Houston, TX


$45M First Mortgage

10-yr Fixed Rate

Morrocroft Centre

Charlotte, NC


$70M First Mortgage

13-yr Fixed Rate

Western Industrial Portfolio



$75M First Mortgage

4-yr Fixed Rate

Fashion Valley Mall

San Diego, CA


$175M Participation in a First Mortgage

3-yr Floating Rate

Amazon Fulfilment Center

Katy, TX


$72M First Mortgage

5-yr Fixed Rate

Interested in Investing with Us?

We offer a variety of investment vehicles for investors to take advantage of our investment capabilities and opportunities. 

*The representavie transactions are not based on performance but rather were selected to demonstrate diversity by loan type and geography.

There are risks associated with investments in real estate and/or real estate related products. For further information regarding these risks, please contact one of our real estate professionals.

There is no guarantee that investment objectives will be achieved.

Investment objectives may not be met as the underlying investment options are subject to market risk and fluctuate in value. Please keep in mind that there are fees and expenses associated with investing in managed accounts. Accordingly, you can lose money investing in a separately managed account.