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At REI, our goal is to grow our assets under management with clients who share our investment philosophy. Investors work with us to leverage our breadth and depth of experience in real estate investing through both funds, separate accounts, and programmatic joint ventures. Throughout our history, we have developed an efficient and streamlined investment process, and with the support of our parent company New York Life Insurance Company, we are well positioned to create tailored solutions that suit your ongoing investment needs across our investment platforms.

Why Invest with Us?  

With over 100 years of real estate investing,1 our team of over 175 professionals average 19 years of industry experience and provide valuable market insights and creative solutions.

Track Record and Relationships
Our level of expertise, wide range of industry relationships, and market reputation provide our equity, debt, and securities teams with an advantage in deal sourcing and help us generate consistent transaction volumes and maintain a compelling track record.

Mandate Selectivity
We are selective in which products and solutions we launch to limit the number of overlapping mandates. In turn, this helps support more effective capital deployment for our investors.

Alignment of Interests
Assuming the strategy meets the needs of the parent company, we can make meaningful co-investments alongside our investors. This ensures strong alignment of interest. We are focused on working with like-minded investors who share the same philosophy and objectives.

Financial Stability of Parent Company
Our parent company, New York Life Insurance Company, has the highest ratings currently awarded to any life insurance company in the United States.2


Our Current Investment Offerings

Commingled Funds
We offer several funds in the U.S., both open- and closed-end, and are continuously working to provide more opportunities for our investors. We currently offer the following fund products:

  • Open-end core fund that focuses on generating attractive current income from a high-quality, diversified portfolio of stabilized assets in major U.S. markets.
  • National closed-end value-add fund that focuses primarily on adding value with respect to leasing, capital improvements, and/or re-positioning.
  • Geographically constrained value-add and opportunistic fund that focuses on adding value with respect to development, leasing, capital improvements, and/or re-positioning.
  • Closed-end structured lending fund that invests in bridge/transitional loans in major and secondary U.S. markets.


Separate Accounts and Programmatic Joint Ventures
We manage capital in separate accounts and programmatic joint ventures throughout our investment platforms. We can customize a program based on your investment needs and parameters. For detailed descriptions of our platforms, please see our Capabilities.

Contact Our Business Development and Client Services Team

Paul Behar, Managing Director
51 Madison Avenue, Suite 910
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Christie Philbrick-Wheaton, Senior Director
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1. Prior to the formation of NYL Investors LLC, in October 2013 it operated as an investment division of New York Life Investment management, LLC which is an affiliated investment advisor that commenced operations in April 2000. Previously, the investment groups of NYL Investors LLC operated within New York Life Insurance Company (New York Life) managing investment program for New York Life’s General Account.

2. The “highest ratings currently awarded” refers to the highest ratings currently awarded to any U.S. life insurer, specifically: A.M. Best A++ (as of 9/14/22), Fitch Ratings AAA (as of 10/18/22), Moody’s Aaa (as of 12/9/22), and Standard & Poor’s AA+ (as of 7/29/22). Source: third-party reports.