The world is changing faster than ever — and opportunities abound for investment teams that are willing to embrace this change and find new ways to do things better or differently.

Over a three-month period, we met with a variety of the country’s highest-performing financial advisory teams and their leaders—to identify the core principles and key attributes setting these top performers apart from their peers.

What we discovered was fascinating — a series of five common themes and traits that make these teams the best. And, more importantly, our process identified many practical, actionable steps you can implement today to build a stronger culture of success within your own organization.

To learn more, download a copy of our new Mastering the Psychology of Growth playbook or view the infographic.



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Human powered

You can’t shake hands with an algorithm or have a conversation with an email blast. At New York Life Investments, we believe in the power of people and are part of a company that has held this belief for over 175 years. It is a deep belief in the value of advice and guidance. An appreciation for the special bond between an advisor and a client. While trends come and go, we’ve seen that when guidance, advice, and partnership converge—something truly special happens.

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