Women are powerful influencers of household investment decisions. Trends indicate a shifting dynamic with more women becoming the primary source of income for households and taking an increasingly principal role in a household’s retirement and everyday expenditures.



Why 67% of Women Change Financial Advisors

Talking with real women about their relationship with money and advisors reveal 6 lessons for success. 


Winning With Women Investors…

Our industry has been getting it wrong.


5 Attributes of the Ideal Client Relationship with Women

Below we provide actionable guidance on the evolution of the advisor/client relationship based on New York Life Investments’ proprietary research. 



Winning with Female Married Breadwinners

Register today for a webcast replay designed to help advisors better understand this significant, emergent and affluent segment of the investing population.

1. Source: 2020 study conducted by New York Life Investments in partnership with Rti Research.  

The Advisor Advancement Institute is a program within New York Life Investments.