Today, women control more than $22 trillion¹ in personal wealth, and 70-80% of all consumer purchasing in buying and influence². For the skilled advisor, this represents a tremendous opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and acquire new clients.


Attract and Retain Women Investors

We interviewed over 800 women to understand the complexities of working with their financial advisors. Our research debunks a new myths, uncovers new truths, and highlights opportunities to create a deeper sense of partnership. Here are simple and straightforward insights our research uncovered.

There are Four Key Life Stages of Your Female Clients

women And Investing chart

Why 67% of Women Change Financial Advisors

Talking with real women about their relationship with money and advisors reveal 6 lessons for success. 

Winning With Women Investors…

Our industry has been getting it wrong.

Winning with Female Married Breadwinners

Register today for a webcast replay designed to help advisors better understand this significant, emergent and affluent segment of the investing population.

1. Forbes, ”Why Has Women’s Economic Power Surged? Five Stats You Need to Know,” 2017.

2. Forbes, ”Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Women Consumers,” 2015.