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Restoring Balance: A Timely Opportunity to Reallocate

This macroeconomic era is unlike any other in history. How can investors position their portfolios to minimize risk and maximize opportunity amid such intense uncertainty? In our view, higher rates, portfolio drift, changing stock-bond correlation, and recent price action all point to an opportunity: rebalancing. That’s right, the traditional 60/40 portfolio is not dead, but a new macroeconomic regime calls for some upgrades. Tune in to hear seasoned experts from New York Life Investments, Wellington Management, and MacKay Shields discuss their high-conviction asset allocation ideas for today’s new normal.

Discussion Topics:

  • Key challenges for investors in our new macroeconomic regime
  • Remaining invested amidst volatility and uncertainty
  • High conviction opportunities: value equity and high yield bonds
  • Portfolio reallocation and the timely opportunity to rebalance


Featured Speakers:

  • Clinton L. Graham, Managing Director and Portfolio Advisor, Wellington Management
  • Nate Hudson, CFA, Managing Director, MacKay Shields
  • Lauren Goodwin, Director of Portfolio Strategy, New York Life Investments