Explore 4 areas of capital reallocation as AI achieves scale



Chips, data centers, power


Foundational Models

Data, model creators, cloud


Corporate Applications

Software, services, use case exploration


Investment Opportunity

Long-term opportunity: themes and asset classes




Investors have not missed the boat on the promise AI has to offer; in fact, investors have the chance to build the boat.

“Now more than ever, megatrends are shaping the investment landscape, not only in the distant future but also here and now.
Megatrends allow us to look beyond daily uncertainties in the economic cycle, and towards durable themes with investment potential. As investors, we believe we are better able to serve our clients and partners when we pair rigorous asset class analysis and investment excellence with outside-the-box thinking. The trends shaping our future are the very factors that drive investment success today.”

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, Chief Executive Officer, New York Life Investments


“The rise of generative AI requires a robust approach to AI governance.
This includes ensuring AI applications are tested for reliability, accuracy, and robustness; comply with privacy, data security, and transparency principles; and manifest positive impact against social and environmental aspects, i.e., exhibit fairness, equity, and inclusion. At New York Life, we view ongoing human engagement and oversight, cross-functional partnership, and accountability as anchors to the responsible AI use that is consistent with the company’s mission and values.”

Rodanthy Tzani, Head of Model Risk Management, New York Life

“Never before has the global electricity sector faced such a monumental shift in the demand outlook. Electricity demand in the U.S. has been flat for the past 20 years, and the broader electric complex has been seen as a low growth, income-driven investment. Today, the “electrification of things,” including power-hungry AI chips and huge growth in data centers, is driving a once in a generation growth opportunity for electricity providers and across industries. We also see structural shifts in energy needs arising as countries connect distant renewable energy sources, modernize the grid, and insulate from extreme weather.”

Tim Humphreys, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, Ausbil

“AI is likely to be the next global cornerstone industry, playing a prominent role in tackling structural challenges such as labor shortages, resource depletion, and climate change. The current areas of uncertainty in the AI boom, including how companies will monetize AI applications, the future of regulation, and expansion of electric power capacity, all represent investment opportunities. Accordingly, investors should not be shy to adopt a broad view on the potential beneficiaries of the AI race, including indirect beneficiaries.”

Johan Van Der Biest, Deputy Head of Thematic Global Equity, Candriam


AI: the next investment megatrend

AI, especially generative AI, has turned imagination into reality. At New York Life Investments, we're bringing AI investment opportunities to life. Julia Hermann highlights our Global Market Strategy team’s research, envisioning a future with AI at the center and making it tangible for today's investment decisions.

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New Frontiers in AI: Alex Cook in conversation with Lauren Goodwin

In this video, Lauren Goodwin, Chief Market Strategist at New York Life Investments, and Alex Cook, Head of Strategic Capabilities at New York Life, explore AI's transformative impact. They discuss practical applications, ethical considerations, and the future impact of AI on client and company outcomes.

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From gigs to grids:
AI's infrastructure challenge

Scaling the infrastructure required for AI, including computer chips, data centers, and power demand, offers near-term investment opportunities.


Podcast: Investments in AI infrastructure featuring Simon Martin

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From concentration to competition:
AI's foundational models

The foundations of Generative AI will rapidly advance how machines mimic human-like intelligence, creating new opportunities and competition for providers.



A rapid-fire AI primer

There are no universal definitions in the AI space, but this Q&A with Global Market Strategist Michael LoGalbo provides a primer on the key technologies discussed throughout our research.

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Anticipating the future state of global economics and geopolitics requires more than extrapolation of current trends.

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From R&D to responsibility:
AI's corporate applications

Predicting the future of corporate AI deployment is challenging, but key considerations have emerged. AI's use in business will be shaped by factors like ethics, regulations, labor policies, and global competition.


A Look at New York Life’s AI & Data Strategy with Don Vu, Chief Data & Analytics Officer 

In this video, Don explores how companies can utilize the power of AI. He shares insights on solving business problems, the defend, extend, and upend framework, and the benefits of integrating AI-driven capabilities into the workforce.

From adaptation to allocation:
AI's investment opportunity set

The transformative capacity of AI makes it a daunting theme for some investors to incorporate into portfolios, and an exciting new era of possibility for others. AI is changing the world, but its investment potential is still in its infancy. Early winners will give way to new leaders as AI evolves in unimaginable ways.



Podcast: Venturing into AI with Joel Albarella

With AI moving at lightning speed, venture capital offers a unique perspective into the pipeline of companies at the forefront of generative AI technology, related services, and infrastructure. Joel Albarella, Head of NYL Ventures, joins Julia Hermann to discuss this vantage point into AI investing.

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Anticipating the future state of global economics and geopolitics requires more than extrapolation of current trends.

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