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Checking in on black swans

May 29, 2023

Host Lauren Goodwin and “Macro Mike” LoGalbo re-visit their Black Swan Risks for 2023. Which events are still lurking?


Previous Episodes

When will the Fed cut rates?

May 22, 2023

The Fed has been busy hiking rates, but slowing economic growth and rising risks have investors asking not only if the Fed is done, but when they will cut. Host Lauren Goodwin and “Macro Mike” LoGalbo discuss what it would take to see a Fed rate cut, and why they think it is less likely than the market appreciates.

Q1 2023: The forgotten earnings season?

May 15, 2023

Earnings growth is negative this quarter, but nobody’s talking about it. Lauren Goodwin and Michael LoGalbo break down how even negative earnings growth can be better than expected, and whether market price action is reflecting these fundamentals.

Banks update: smoke vs fire

May 8, 2023

Regional banks have come under another wave of stress following the failure of First Republic. Lauren Goodwin and Julia Hermann discuss the potential for ongoing bank stress, and what it means for policy and the economic outlook.

The Next Round of the Debt Ceiling Debate

May 1, 2023

Congress is teed up for the next round of debt ceiling discussions. In this episode, Lauren Goodwin and Julia Hermann provide an update on why this year’s debt ceiling debate is so contentious, and reprise their January episode describing the broader debt sustainability backdrop.

Debunking De-Dollarization, Part 2: Can China Build a Reserve Currency?

April 24, 2023

Two currencies sit at the center of the de-dollarization narrative: the USD, and the Chinese Renminbi. Lauren Goodwin and Julia Hermann discuss what exactly it takes for a country to build a reserve currency, and why they do not see the Renminbi as a credible competitor to the Dollar on a multi-decade timeline.

Debunking De-Dollarization, Part 1: Keep Calm and Dollar On

April 17, 2023

There’s been much noise about the end of the dollar, but we’re not convinced. Lauren Goodwin and Julia Hermann dive in to why the de-dollarization is seeing a resurgence, exactly what it takes to achieve reserve currency status, and why they believe the USD will be the preeminent global reserve currency for decades to come.

Let’s talk cash: the money market and the dollar 

April 10, 2023

Lauren Goodwin and Julia Hermann discuss cash: why there’s been a huge inflow into money market funds, what bond volatility can tell us about recession expectations, and why there’s so much chatter about the end of the dollar. Tune in also for a discussion of fixed income strategies that might be more compelling than going to cash during times of high inflation and volatility.

Checking in on our scenarios for banks

April 3, 2023

Strategists Julia Hermann and Michael LoGalbo team up to provide a status update on the banking sector and implications for portfolios. They check in on their team’s initial scenarios for the banking sector and economy and discuss likely paths forward, as well as how these outcomes can affect key investment themes.

What’s Next for Banks?

March 27, 2023

Julia Hermann is joined by Mark Kehoe, Portfolio Manager and Director at MacKay Shields, to discuss what’s next for banks after tumult in the sector in the U.S. and Europe. Tune in for a discussion of the outlook for monetary policy, regulation, and lessons learned in the wake of recent bank failures.

What Banking Sector Stress Means for the Economy

March 20, 2023

Julia Hermann is joined by Steve Friedman, Managing Director and Macro Economist at MacKay Shields, for a discussion of what caused the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, what the regulatory response means for broader policy, and how select pockets of stress in the banking sector have affected the economic outlook moving forward.

Special Episode: NYL Agent Spotlight on Armando Jimenez

March 13, 2023

In the first ever Agent Spotlight special episode, Lauren and Julia host New York Life agent Armando Jimenez, a top producer of both insurance and investment products out of Fresno, California. Armando shares his approach to building his practice, client service during challenging market environments, and the values that guide him through the busy day-to-day.