Watch: Thriving Late-Cycle Municipal Bonds

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Watch: Unlocking Potential: High Yield Bonds for De-Risking

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MainStay MacKay U.S. Infrastructure
Bond Fund

Thriving Late-Cycle—Municipal Bonds
Discusses taxable municipals as a potential safe haven asset class.

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Morningstar Magazine: Complementing the Core
Morningstar Magazine features MGOIX and MacKay Municipal Managers.

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Goal: Diversifying Core Bond Exposure
Three reasons why MGOIX may be a compelling complement or replacement to core bonds.

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MainStay MacKay Short Duration High Yield Fund

The Fallacy of High Yield and Spreads
Why high yield may be appealing in current spread environments.

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Short Duration High Yield Price Discount Creates Total Return Potential
Consider short duration high yield when moving from cash.

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Goal: Income Potential Amidst Uncertain Rates 
An all-weather solution, MDHIX has performed well during increased risk 

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Q4 Outlook: Removing Investor Roadblocks

There are always opportunities for investors, even as macroeconomic gears shift. A look at the fundamentals can shed light on the balance between quality, yield and duration in investor portfolios.