Market-tested Fixed Income Leadership1

As NYL Investors' fixed income asset management division, Fixed Income Investors has a long history of helping our clients successfully navigate the full range of economic cycles and market environments. Today, we manage $161.2 billion2 for New York Life’s General Account, affiliated Mutual Funds and our strategic third-party clients.


Focusing on capital preservation and loss avoidance, we tailor our disciplined, fundamental approach to help our clients meet their diverse range of long-term objectives. Our teams manage US dollar-denominated investment strategies across the credit spectrum, employing independent credit analysis and bottom-up security selection as the anchor of this approach.

A Time-tested Approach to Fixed Income

A disciplined, risk-controlled approach positions Fixed Income Investors to deliver customized single-sector and multi-sector strategies for our clients. With capital preservation and loss avoidance as central components of our investment philosophy, our guiding principles are:

  • Independent credit research
  • Disciplined focus on valuation and appropriate risk-taking
  • Independent thinking and standing apart from the crowd
  • A long-term investment horizon
  • Using diversification as a risk-mitigating tool


FII AUM 03-2024

1. Prior to the formation of NYL Investors LLC, in October 2013 it operated as an investment division of New York Life Investment management, LLC which is an affiliated investment advisor that commenced operations in April 2000. Previously, the investment groups of NYL Investors LLC operated within New York Life Insurance Company (New York Life) managing investment program for New York Life’s General Account.

2. AUM as of 3/31/2024. Reflects the AUM of Fixed Income Investors, an investment group within NYL Investors LLC. Fixed Income Investors AUM of $161.2B is made up of the following asset basis STV: $149B; MV: $12.2B.                                   


Meet our senior team of fixed income experts.

Senior Managing Director, Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Head of Fixed Income Investors
NYL Investors

Craig Sabal is a Senior Managing Director, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of New York Life and Head of Fixed Income Investors. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Office of the Chief Investment Officer, which oversees asset allocation strategy and portfolio management for the General Account investment portfolio. He also leads the investment team that manages the public fixed income portfolio.

Prior to joining New York Life, Craig was the Deputy Chief Investment Officer at AIG responsible for strategic asset allocation and tactical investment decisions for the Life & Retirement and Property & Casualty operating businesses. Craig has more than 25 years of financial consulting leadership experience in strategic portfolio and risk management transactions across fixed income and equity markets. He served as Managing Director – Head of the Insurance and Credit Solutions Group for Goldman Sachs, and previously held senior financial and consulting positions for several investment bank and accounting firms.

Craig earned his B.S. degree in accounting from Rutgers University. 


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) 

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Martin King

Managing Director, Head of Public Credit Research and Impact Investing

Ken Sommer

Kenneth Sommer

Managing Director, Head of Liquid Products Portfolio Management and Trading

Arthur Torrey

Arthur Torrey

Managing Director, Head of Public Credit Portfolio Management and Trading


Fixed Income Investors provides a broad array of investment advisory services to New York Life’s General Account and strategic, third-party partners, such as other insurance companies’ general and separate accounts, institutional clients, investment companies, and other pooled investment vehicles. We also serve as collateral manager to certain special purpose vehicles, including, but not limited to, CLOs. The depth of our experience and investment management expertise in relation to the New York Life General Account can be leveraged across the third-party portfolios of medium to large insurance companies.


With approximately $11 billion in assets under management*, the Third-Party Investment Grade Portfolio Management team is the Stable Value manager for our third-party institutional clients. We offer a wide of variety of structures to meet the needs of our clients, including.

  • Customizing portfolios to a variety of strategies and benchmarks
  • Employing a sophisticated risk-controlled investment process        
  • Committing to delivering exceptional client service through timely reporting and communications

Our disciplined investment process, embedded in our corporate culture, paired with our active management process is designed to provide our clients with results that exceed their expectations.

To learn more about our Stable Value capabilities, please visit Stable Value Investments.

With an average of over 20 years of experience, the High Yield Credit team is responsible for managing high yield bonds and floating rate loans. The team’s bottom-up fundamental research capability underpins the development of a highly diversified portfolio with an emphasis on high current income, principal preservation, and credit loss avoidance. Performance consistency and stability are stressed by adding incremental return over time through prudent credit selection and risk management rather than seeking to add an excessive amount of return by taking on disproportionate risk levels.


MainStay Mutual Funds

Fixed Income Investors and some of our affiliates serve as collateral managers for certain special purpose vehicles including, but not limited to, CLOs.

Learn more about our CLO capabilities. 

The Short-Term Investment team manages cash investments for a variety of clients with different objectives and constraints. The investment process is managed by a team of sector specialists and credit research analysts and is designed with the objective of providing the client with preservation of capital, liquidity, and income within the client’s prescribed objectives and constraints.


MainStay Mutual Funds




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