Watch: Thriving Late-Cycle Municipal Bonds

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Watch: Unlocking Potential: High Yield Bonds for De-Risking

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MainStay MacKay U.S. Infrastructure
Bond Fund

High Quality Income Potential with Taxable Munis 
Taxable municipals have gained traction among US institutional investors. 

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Morningstar Magazine: Complementing the Core
Morningstar Magazine features MGOIX and MacKay Municipal Managers.

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Goal: Diversifying Core Bond Exposure
Three reasons why MGOIX may be a compelling complement or replacement to core bonds.

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MainStay MacKay Short Duration High Yield Fund

The Fallacy of High Yield and Spreads
Why high yield may be appealing in current spread environments.

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Short Duration High Yield Price Discount Creates Total Return Potential
Consider short duration high yield when moving from cash.

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Goal: Income Potential Under Various Market Conditions

An all-weather solution, MDHIX has performed well during increased risk. 

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2024 Outlook: Choose Your Own Adventure

Investors realized in 2023 that sitting out is not the answer. In 2024, with mounting macro pressures and inflation, navigating selective and prudent risks is crucial for capital preservation and appreciation.