After a pit stop in 2023, listed infrastructure is revving its engines for a potential bull run in 2024.

The 2023 detour, fueled by rising rates and market turbulence, has created a compelling opportunity. Infrastructure valuations sit at historic lows, offering a discounted entry point with the potential for competitive returns. And with a potential Fed pause on the horizon, the green flag could be waving soon.

Why should you take notice?

  • Resilient growth potential: Infrastructure often provides stable earnings and cash flows, supported by long term contracts which can be reassuring in uncertain economic times.

  • Compelling income potential: Aim for a notable dividend yield, with the goal of achieving significant dividend growth in the coming years.

  • Secular tailwinds: Decarbonization, digital transformation, and energy security are driving significant investment, adding fuel to the growth engine.

  • Active advantage: Our experienced team identifies undervalued opportunities across sectors like integrated utilities, global communications, and transport, poised to capitalize on economic recovery and inflation-aided pricing power.

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