A Bright Opportunity for Bonds – Taxable Municipals and Short Duration High Yield

After years of income limitations, investors now have the opportunity to access greater yields. However, in today’s bond market landscape, macroeconomic influences are directing investor sentiment and decisions. Factors like shifting-rate dynamics, cash on the sidelines, and the imminent possibility of a recession have prompted a reassessment of risk and investment strategies. Against this backdrop, taxable municipal and short duration high yield assets are standing out as attractive options.

Nate Hudson, CFA, Managing Director, at MacKay Shields High Yield Team, and Robert Burke, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager at MacKay Municipal Managers, offer their perspectives on short duration high yield and taxable municipal asset classes, respectively. The speakers explore where opportunities lie, taking into account the reawakened dynamism of the bond market and the macroeconomic forces shaping it.


Featured Speakers:

  • Nate Hudson, CFA, Managing Director, MacKay Shields High Yield Team
  • Robert Burke, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, MacKay Municipal Managers™
  • Michael LoGalbo, CFA, Multi-Asset Portfolio Strategist, New York Life Investments Multi-Asset Solutions Team


A Bright Opportunity for Bonds: Taxable Municipals Part 1

Diversify core bond exposure with taxable munis, which seek to offer attractive income and total return potential relative to investment-grade corporate bonds and other fixed-income sectors. 

A Bright Opportunity for Bonds: Short Duration High Yield

US high yield prices are currently below par, giving investors an opportunity to take advantage of positive optionality and potential downside risk mitigants. 


A Bright Opportunity for Bonds: Taxable Municipals Part 2

With volatile rates and spreads widening in current market environments, taxable munis tend to hold in better during these periods, relative to other segments within fixed income. 

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