Replay: Recorded Monday, October 24

Duration: 22 minutes

State of Munis: Why Now, What’s Ahead

Municipal bonds have certainly had a challenging 2022, and September proved to be the most volatile month to-date. Yet, this heightened volatility has presented investors with an attractive buying opportunity. With healthier valuations, competitive risk-reward, and strong credit quality many believe this asset class may be considered a ‘late-cycle haven’. We believe taking advantage requires prudent active management and it is, in fact, more important than ever.

Hear from John Loffredo, Vice Chairman and Co-Head of MacKay Municipal Managers, for his expert insight into the state of municipal bond market, including: 

  • What’s driving the municipal bond market?
  • How is the market reacting / impact of Fed decisions?
  • Where might investors find opportunities? 



  • John Loffredo, CFA, Vice Chairman and Co-Head of MacKay Municipal Managers, MacKay Shields
  • Steve Sciortino, Managing Director – Product Management, New York Life Investments (moderator) 

Active management is the use of a human element, such as a single manager, co-managers or a team of managers, to actively manage a fund’s portfolio. Active management strategies typically have higher fees than passive management.

Long-end treasuries refers to Long-Term Treasury Bonds that are U.S. government bonds that have maturities longer than 10 years.

Tax Loss Swap refers to a tax-planning strategy when applied to mutual funds, entails selling one fund and investing in another that is similar. It allows to realize a loss while retaining the equivalent market exposure.

10 year cost structure The 10-year cost structure John is referring to is the maturity or callable date of the bonds. 

Taxable advanced refunding Advance refunding refers to the withholding of a new bond issue's proceeds for longer than 90 days before using them to pay off (refund) an outstanding bond issue's obligations.

Yield to Worst a measure of the lowest possible yield that can be received on a bond that fully operates within the terms of its contract without defaulting.


Bloomberg Municipal Bond Index is an unmanaged index that includes approximately 15,000 municipal bonds, rated Baa or better by Moody's, with a maturity of at least two years.

The High Yield Municipal Bond Composite Index consists of Bloomberg Municipal Bond Index and Bloomberg Municipal High Yield Index weighted 40%/60%, respectively. The Bloomberg Municipal High Yield Index is made up of bonds that are non-investment grade, unrated, or rated below Ba1 by Moody’s Investors Service with a remaining maturity of at least one year. The High Yield Municipal Bond Composite Index is MainStay MacKay High Yield Municipal Bond Fund’s secondary benchmark.

Bloomberg Municipal High Yield Index is an unmanaged index of municipal bonds with the following characteristics: fixed coupon rate, credit rating of Ba1 or lower or non-rated using the middle rating of Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch, outstanding par value of at least $3 million, and issued as part of a transaction of at least $20 million. In addition, the bonds must have a dated-date after December 31, 1990 and must be at least one year from their maturity date.

Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index is a broad-based benchmark that measures the investment-grade, U.S. dollar-denominated, fixed-rate taxable bondmarket, including Treasuries, government-related and corporate securities, mortgage-backed securities (agency fixed-rate and hybrid adjustable-rate mortgagepass-throughs), asset-backed securities, and commercial mortgage-backed securities

About Risk: Municipal bond risks include the ability of the issuer to repay the obligation, the relative lack of information about certain issuers, and the possibility of future tax and legislative changes, which could affect the market for and value of municipal securities. Bonds are subject to interest rate risk and can lose principal value when interest rates rise. Bonds are also subject to credit risk which is the possibility that the bond issuer may fail to pay interest and principal in a timely manner. Investing in below investment grade securities may carry a greater risk of nonpayment of interest or principal than higher-rated securities.

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