Michael LoGalbo
Global Market Strategist

Michael “Macro Mike” LoGalbo is a Global Market Strategist at New York Life Investments, where he is responsible for economic and market research, asset allocation perspectives, and thought leadership to empower investment decision-making. He has a deep passion for macro investing. His unique approach integrates expertise in economics, markets, politics, and geopolitics to craft fundamental and quantitative top-down investment insights.

A prolific writer on economic and capital market themes, Michael empowers a wide range of investors with actionable investment insights on a weekly basis. Combining his creativity and quantitative skills, Michael could also be referred to as the “Chief of Charts” as he leads the group on data analysis and visualization.

Michael also provides a valued voice in the client and public sphere, where he shares perspectives on the evolving global macro landscape. He is most often sought for his ability to simplify complex economic concepts and market trends.

Michael brings years of experience from both public and private markets, and macro to micro. He is a CFA Charterholder, graduated from the University of Southern California and holds a Master’s Degree in International Economics from Johns Hopkins and an MBA from the Wharton School.