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A leader in project finance and infrastructure investing with an investment portfolio spread across a variety of asset types.


Infrastructure financing provides unsecured and secured debt for various types of projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Power generation and transmission
  • Oil and gas transmission and storage
  • Government facilities and military housing
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Roads, bridges, and tunnels
  • Railways and rail terminals
  • Airports, seaports, and marine terminals

For project financings, we typically invest in investment grade transactions. For those issued as traditional private placements, we typically require one rating (either private or public), and there is no requirement that the bonds be registered or that the documentation be publicly disclosed. Other benefits of issuing a traditional private placement include efficient execution, small club investor group, and lower up-front costs versus public bonds and bank debt.

Transaction Structure

Size: Typical investment from $30 million to $200 million

Maturity: 5 to 30 years, providing longer maturities than traditional bank financing

Repayments: Individually tailored to meet the project’s needs, including bullet maturities or customized amortization

Documentation: Similar to bank lender documentation requirements

Currency: Predominantly USD with ability to provide select foreign currencies (€, £, CAD, and AUD)

Note: Transaction characteristics and structure may vary.


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