Leader In Specialty Fixed Income

For decades, MacKay Shields delivered specialty fixed income solutions backed by disciplined research and a commitment to providing long-term value for our clients. The MacKay Shields client experience provides investors direct access to senior investment professionals.

Research Intensive

Focused, high conviction teams develop and implement well-defined investment philosophies, approaches, and processes best suited to their respective asset classes.


High Touch Service

We offer our clients direct access to our investment teams. We’re well aware that our people are the best investment of all.

Our Investment Teams

Responsibility In Action

We provide purposeful opportunities for our employees and promote the well-being of the environment and communities in which we work and live.


Equitable for All—Visualizing Our Differences

At MacKay Shields we commit to the equitable treatment of all. To demonstrate this, MacKay worked with artist and photographer Maya Barkai to create this piece, which is meant to embody our diversity, equity and inclusion (left image). The piece of art (right) is created by MacKay's own Alina Sysak and represents the unique and diverse makeup of our firm. 

Performance Focused, Independent Thinking, Client Access

With a rich history over eight decades, we have much to be proud of and are truly anchored to knowing ‘Who We Are’ as we partner with clients and support employees.

Specialty Fixed Income Outlooks

Forget the Landing Narrative, Stay the Course!

Finding Relative Value in Mortgage-Backed Securities

Mortgage-backed securities provide institutional investors with unique and varied investment opportunities. Read our latest persepctive to learn more. 

US-China Trade Wars: A Benign Déjà Vu or Potential for Wider Escalation?

Understanding the deeper implications of the Chinese macroeconomic policy shift will be crucial for investment success.