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Since 1938, MacKay Shields has partnered with clients to help meet their investment goals through high quality products and exceptional service. We serve a prominent group of pension funds, government and financial institutions, family offices, high net worth individuals, endowments, and foundations from across the globe.

Boutique Approach

Boutique investment teams utilize their own philosophy, processes, and experience to add value across capital markets.


High Touch Service

We offer our clients direct access to our investment teams. We’re well aware that our people are the best investment of all.

Our Investment Teams

Responsibility In Action

We provide purposeful opportunities for our employees and promote the well-being of the environment and communities in which we work and live.


Equitable for All—Visualizing Our Differences

At MacKay Shields we commit to the equitable treatment of all. To demonstrate this, MacKay worked with artist and photographer Maya Barkai to create this piece, which is meant to embody our diversity, equity and inclusion (left image). The piece of art (right) is created by MacKay's own Alina Sysak and represents the unique and diverse makeup of our firm. 

A Look Ahead – 2023

Explore the 2023 investment landscape with MacKay Shields' Investment Teams.

Don't Judge a Bond By Its Label

As the volume of green, social, sustainable and sustainability-linked (GSSS) bonds grows, the terms of new, supposedly green or sustainable debt are getting looser or failing to reflect current best practices (or both). 

Why taxable municipal bonds? 

As interest picks up in the municipal bond space, MacKay Shields wanted to take you back to the basics. The MacKay Municipal ManagersTM team starts from the beginning and answers some of the burning questions investors have in the growing asset class. 

Reaping Rewards from Early Policy Responses

We find that current emerging market valuations have priced in negative scenarios that are already reflected in risk premiums. For long term investors this creates a potential opportunity to gain exposure to fast growing and often resilient countries. Having learned during many crises in the past, decision makers in emerging markets who reacted early and decisively have reaped the rewards during this period of volatility.

Role Reversal: Why Some Emerging Market Central Banks Were Well-Prepared for the Global Inflation Shock, and What It Means for EM Debt

Many emerging market central banks acted much more proactively, tightening monetary policy well in advance of their developed market counterparts. This inflation-fighting resolve has provided a tailwind to emerging market asset returns.