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Our family of independent boutiques and investment teams spans a broad spectrum of asset classes, market segments and geographies.  

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*Assets under management (AUM) includes assets of the investment advisers that make up “New York Life Investments” as of 3/31/2024. AUM includes certain assets, such as non-discretionary AUM, external fund selection, and overlay services, including ESG screening services, advisory consulting services, white labeling services, and model portfolio delivery services, that are not necessarily considered Regulatory Assets Under Management according to the SEC’s Form ADV. AUM is reported in USD. AUM not denominated in USD is converted at the spot rate as of 3/31/2024. The total AUM figure of “New York Life Investments” is less than the sum of the AUM of each affiliated investment adviser in the group because it does not count AUM where the same assets can be counted by more than one affiliated investment adviser. AUM is based on estimates and is subject to change.