Volunteering and Service

Responsible service has been a main focus throughout MacKay’s long history. Responsible citizenship is an important component of our central tenet to how MacKay evolves as a business in a dynamic world.



We are proud to align with clients and independently to support our communities—through services and financial contributions. Each year, we do this with ongoing initiatives—as well as through the annual NYL Giving Campaign. We are proud that we had nearly 100% participation in our 2022 Giving Campaign. With matching support from NYL, pledges made significant contributions to support education, bereavement and racial equality. 

*Reflects average from 2016-2022

92% Participation Rate




Memorial Run/Walk in Honor of Nelida Bobe: American Cancer Society

April 16, 2022


Five Boro Bike Tour, New York

May 1, 2022

Invest in Girls: Role Model Exchange 

May 18, 2022