No Shortage Of Interesting Opportunities

Robust supply is creating pockets of opportunity in the primary market.

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Robust Issuance Creates Opportunities

Pockets of weakness in the primary market are producing interesting opportunities for investors.

Municipal Value Still at Elevated Levels

Director, Credit Analyst and High Yield Municipal Trader, Ian France joins Chris Roberti to discuss the state of the municipal market in mid-2024.

Credit Check

Overall, municipal credit is still in generally good shape.

Will strong issuance continue into summer months?

In 2024, we have finally seen new issue supply come into the market and demand has been strong as well. We dive into this phenomenon in greater detail.

Municipal Resilience and Value Amidst an Evolving Macro Landscape

Portfolio Manager and Trader Matt Hage joins Chris Roberti to discuss the municipal market in 2024, the current credit landscape, and more.

The Income in Fixed Income

Fixed income is essential to many investment portfolios with varying degrees of risk. Municipals have continued to provide a strong income profile, despite recent rate volatility.

Healthcare on the Mend

The fundamental outlook for the municipal health care sector is improving.

New Deal Roundup

New issue municipal bond deals remain well-subscribed.

Traditional Municipal Market Nuances back in the Fold

Portfolio Manager and Trader Sunny Gill joins Chris Roberti to discuss ​​municipal market returns in 2024, the attractiveness of the market, and more.

Dry Powder

Join Mike Denlinger this week as he offers his thoughts on the volatility we’re seeing in the muni market, an update on issuance and an update on fundamentals.

Spread Love

Municipal bonds benefitted from spread tightening during the first quarter.

Springtime Technicals Usher in a Season of Opportunity

Against a backdrop of tight municipal-to-treasury ratios, some underwriters are offering attractive concessions in order to get new issue deals sold.

The Value of Picking Your Spots Wisely

Alex McLaughlin and Chris Roberti break down the current rate and inflation narrative, the credit landscape, an overview of the healthcare sector, why investors are “refocusing” on the value of tax free income, and more.

Law Of Supply

Tax-exempt supply is picking up as we look to March and April technicals ahead, which are typically a weaker period due to tax season and slowing of reinvestments.

Technically Speaking

Join Alex McLaughlin this week as he offers his thoughts on the volatility we’re seeing in the muni market, an update on issuance and an update on fundamentals. 

Refi Deep Dive

We discuss why some issuers are choosing to redeem their outstanding Build America Bonds.

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