Discover strategic insights with New York Life Investments in the inaugural edition of our 2024 High-Conviction series, tailored specifically for institutional investors. Our investment experts leverage New York Life Investments’ platform, strategically combining deep, on-the-ground asset class expertise with global markets and allocation themes.

Finding structural resiliency in the U.S. middle market

Discover how U.S. middle-market businesses and investors can build resilience and navigate uncertainty with forward-thinking ideas.

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Leveraging three disconnects in global infrastructure

Discover how Ausbil identifies undervalued assets poised for growth, driven by powerful secular trends.

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Uncovering pockets of resiliency across global bond markets

Explore Candriam's insights on building resilient portfolios in the evolving bond market landscape.

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Unlocking Europe’s lower mid-market with non-sponsored lending

Discover Kartesia's innovative approach to non-sponsored lending, unlocking untapped potential in Europe's lower mid-market.

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The potential late-cycle window of opportunity in short duration

As the U.S. interest rate environment shifts, MacKay Shields identifies a timely opportunity: short duration fixed income.

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Deploying rescue capital in European real estate

Rising interest rates create a new environment, presenting both challenges and compelling opportunities for investors.

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Here’s what our investment experts are saying

“While we are not thematic investors, one area we’ve been focusing on recently is companies servicing the U.S.’s industrial infrastructure base. We think this sector is going to attract significant investment over the next 20 years.”

Richard Wiltshire, Managing Director of Private Equity, Apogem

“Our outlook for return on equity invested in infrastructure is rising with stronger cash flows from the impact of inflation and the more normalized rate environment which we have entered.”

Tim Humphreys, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, Ausbil

“We are entering a true bond-picker’s market, where idiosyncratic risks have moved to the forefront and company specific analysis is needed to separate the winners from the losers.”

Charudatta Shende, Head of Client Portfolio Management for Fixed Income, Candriam

"We find businesses that have a growth plan and that have typically been able to build a strong, defendable opposition for themselves in their niche.”

Jean Diercxsens, Partner, Head of Belgium and The Netherlands, Kartesia

“We believe short duration should be considered as an asset class in and of itself within the broader fixed income universe.”

Thomas Musmanno, Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, MacKay Shields

“It now makes sense to start identifying credit and equity opportunities that offer the best risk adjusted return. More often than not, those are found where there’s some element of distress or dislocation.”

Simon Martin, Chief Investment Strategist, Tristan Capital Partners

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