May 9, 2024
Finding Relative Value in Mortgage-Backed Securities

Mortgage-backed securities provide institutional investors with unique and varied investment opportunities, particularly in the form of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS).  

April 11, 2024
Banks and Commercial Real Estate

The current interest rate cycle has created several rounds of stress for the US banking sector. The most recent challenge is dealing with the fallout of a weakening commercial real estate (CRE) sector. While bruised, we do not believe the sector is broken. We expect the larger banks to fair well at the other end..  

March 27, 2024
Exploring the Current Landscape of China

Emerging Market Debt Team answers topical questions on China.





February 5, 2024
MacKay Moments - Strategic Alternative to Investment Grade Corporates

During recent recessionary periods, upgrades outpaced downgrades in the municipal market, providing stability in unpredictable times.


January 22, 2024
Stepping Out of Cash and into Short Duration

With short duration bonds currently generating attractive levels of income, in MacKay Shields Fixed Income latest insight, we explain why now might be the time to step out of cash and into short duration bonds.  



January 11, 2024
MacKay Municipal Managers  Top 5 Insights for 2024

After two tumultuous years, we expect a municipal market recovery in 2024 and we believe municipal bond mutual funds will outperform other investment vehicles.  




December 20, 2023
MacKay Moments - Durable Income with Taxable Munis

Learn about the benefits of higher yields, positive roll-down effects, and enhanced credit quality compared to corporates.



December 11, 2023
MacKay Fixed Income Top 5 Insights

Fixed Income Resiliency.  As we navigate the intricate financial landscape of 2024, the overarching concerns surrounding the size and scale of the US budget deficit, coupled with the substantial Treasury debt issuance required to address it, continue to captivate the attention of investors. 

November 7, 2023
Emerging Market Debt: A Fresh Thinking on an Evolving Asset Class

While providing investors with a multiverse of global exposure and opportunities, we believe it's time for some fresh thinking around the evolving nature of Emerging Market Debt.



October 30, 2023
High Quality, Durable Income with Taxable Munis

An overlooked solution for insurers.

October 24, 2023
Bonds are Back: Take 2

Mark Kehoe, CFA, gives an update on the Bonds are Back piece released earlier in the year.

October 4, 2023
High Yield's Relative Value

When we analyze high yield performance versus equities, we look at key valuation metrics such as the yield to worst of the high yield index, the S&P’s current earnings yield, and instances of high yield outperforming equities.

September 13, 2023
High Yield's Resiliency

As we assess the current high yield market, a key development stands out – its resiliency, even amidst a potential market slowdown. View our latest MacKay Moment for more. 

September 28, 2023
Specialty Fixed Income Outlooks

We believe active management and a focus on higher quality sectors will continue to be key factors in the fourth quarter of 2023.




JUNE 26, 2023
The Role of Fixed Income in Driving Reallocation

Today’s unique environment requires unconventional thinking.




MAY 16, 2023
Failures, Funding, and Financial Resiliency - 1Q Bank Earnings

What matters to credit investors? 

MAY 1, 2023
Making India a Global Growth Engine

Can the World’s Largest Democracy Become the Growth Engine of the Next Decade?

APRIL 12, 2023
Is the Fed on the Verge of Cutting Rates?

Don’t count on it. The Fed is willing to tolerate labor market pain in order to bring inflation back to target and make sure it stays there.

FEBRUARY 15, 2023
Bonds are Back to Being Bonds

Are bonds back? The Global Credit team give their thoughts as to why higher income will drive investment grade returns.


JANUARY 12, 2023
Preparation Seizes Opportunity — Higher Accruals Set the Pace

Looking ahead to the year 2023, the MacKay Municipal Managers team provides their top 5 market insights on the year to come.

JANUARY 6, 2023
Recession, Resiliency, and Risks

In his 2023 outlook, our senior macroeconomist Steve Friedman gives his perspective on a possible recession in 2023, what the path for a soft landing would look like, consumer stress, and more.

JANUARY 6, 2023
2023 Macroeconomic Outlook

2023 will be the year in which the full impact of global policy tightening will be felt in force, with growth slowing and inflation moderating.


JANUARY 6, 2023
Find Enduring Value in High Yield

Andrew Susser, Head of High Yield, discusses the challenges faced in 2022, the unseen risks that may present itself in 2023, and shares how he thinks about building client portfolios using a bottom-up approach while thinking of an impending recession.

JANUARY 6, 2023
Return of the Bond

Neil Moriarty, Co-Head of Global Fixed Income, reflects on 2022 and discusses where the opportunity may lie in 2023.




JANUARY 6, 2023
The Year of the Bond

In our 2023 outlook, the Global Fixed Income team explains why we fervently believe bonds are back and 2023 will be the “Year of the Bond.”

JANUARY 6, 2023
Downgrades, Defaults and Regional Allocations

Michael DePalma and Cameron White on the Global Credit team share their outlook for the Global Credit market for 2023.

JANUARY 6, 2023
2023 Global Credit Outlook

We believe that 2023 will be a game of two-halves. Markets do not operate on any particular script, but at a minimum, we expect markets to offer plenty of relative value opportunities in 2023.

JANUARY 6, 2023
Countries of Interest, Trends and Regional Outlooks

In the team’s 2023 outlook, Philip Fielding and Valentina Chen, Co-Heads of Emerging Market Debt team gives their latest insights.


JANUARY 6, 2023
2023 Emerging Market Debt Outlook

After two consecutive down years of total return in emerging markets debt, we are more positive on the total return outlook for 2023.


JANUARY 6, 2023
Issuance, Interest Rates, and Investment Process

Edward Silverstein, Head of Convertibles, gives their outlook on convertibles as an asset class in 2023, their investment process, and more.


October 2, 2023
Tackling Liquidity Webinar

Watch our key highlights from the Tackling Liquidity Webinar  

JUNE 27, 2023
Using High Yield As An Equity Substitute to De-Risk Client Portfolios

How should allocators look at relative value of high yield vs. equities with the view to de-risk portfolios?  

MAY 23, 2023
MacKay Shields High Yield Market Update – May 2023

Nate Hudson, Portfolio Manager at MacKay Shields shares his observations of the High Yield market for the first quarter of 2023.




MARCH 31, 2023
Banking Crisis—How Deep a Contagion?

Mark Kehoe, Portfolio Manager and Senior Analyst on the Global Credit team at MacKay Shields gives his thoughts around the current bank crisis 

MARCH 29, 2023
Opportunities in Emerging Market Debt

Valentina Chen, Co-head of EMD, explores the outlook across currencies, rates and corporate bonds both local and hard currency and set out views on where value may lie.

MARCH 23, 2023
Where are we in the High Yield market today

Joseph Maietta on the MacKay Shields High Yield team breaks down his thoughts on the market today.


MARCH 23, 2023
Default rates in the latest economic cycle 

What default rates are the High Yield team expecting in the latest economic cycle?

APRIL 1, 2022
Panel Q&A with MacKay Analysts

The economic impact of the unfolding crisis in Ukraine is likely to be stagflationary for advanced economies, including the U.S.




APRIL 1, 2022
Economic Outlook Discussion

By year end, GDP growth is likely to slow to its trend rate of about 2%, with core inflation still above 4%.




APRIL 1, 2022
Asset Allocation Discussion

Watch our panel discussion on understanding asset prices, inflation and growth in a structured way.





MARCH 31, 2022
Making A Difference In The Community

We recognize the women at MacKay who make a difference in our communities. Hear their stories and how service has enriched their lives.




MARCH 22, 2022
Mentorship and Finding Inspiration

Our colleagues share the importance of mentorship. See how they give and find inspiration along their career journeys. 





MARCH 17, 2022
Tougher Talk on Inflation

In a Post-FOMC Roundup, we discuss the Fed's growing emphasis on fighting inflation, while also noting how accommodative policy remains. 

MARCH 14, 2022
Celebrating the Women of MacKay: Careers in Finance

Hear the heartfelt career conversations from the women of MacKay and their advice for others in pursuit of this field.

MARCH 10, 2022
Policy, Price Pressure and Portfolios

Watch the recording on MacKay’s discussion of macro, sector and asset class dynamics in advance of the next FOMC meeting.




MARCH 1, 2022
Celebrating Women’s History Month

The women of MacKay inspire through collaboration, diversity, agility, commitment, drive, integrity and resilience. 

JANUARY 31, 2022
Out of Patience

In a Post-FOMC Round Up, Steven Friedman and Stephen Cianci discuss raising rates, inflation, and how we're repositioning portfolios. 

DECEMBER 14, 2021
Convertibles Team - 2022 Outlook

Thomas Wynn, CFA, Portfolio Manager, focuses on the impact of rising rates, lower volatility than stocks, and asymmetric returns.

DECEMBER 14, 2021
Global Fixed Income Team - 2022 Outlook

The Global Fixed Income Team discusses a cycle like no other, inefficient bond pricing, and a bifurcated market.

DECEMBER 14, 2021
Global Credit Team - 2022 Outlook

Eric Gold, Head of Global Credit, highlights rising stars, relative value in single Bs, and yield + upgrades in energy.


DECEMBER 14, 2021
Macroeconomic Outlook for 2022

Steven Friedman, Senior Macroeconomist, highlights the Fed's pivot from patience on inflation and conflicting signals on trend growth.


DECEMBER 14, 2021
ESG Outlook for 2022

Erin Heide, Director of ESG & Sustainability Initiatives, talks climate risk, standard metrics, and engagement.

DECEMBER 14, 2021
High Yield Team - 2022 Outlook

Andrew Susser discusses inflation and pricing power and iinterest-rate and Ccedit risk in high yield.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021
Beyond Ratings and Labels

Our High Yield Team and Global Credt Team, join Municipal Managers to discuss Fixed Income & ESG.

MARCH 8, 2022
International Women’s Day—Break the Bias

Imagine a world where difference is valued and celebrated. We can all do our part—hear and see our commitment.

Muni 360 Podcast

Listen to the most recent podcast, as the seasoned active investors at MacKay Municipal Managers share their latest views on the municipal market.

March 31, 2024
Core Investment Grade

Seeks to outperform the benchmark by eliminating or reducing uncompensated risk while allocating across Core sectors. 

March 31, 2024
Core Plus

Seeks to outperform the benchmark by eliminating or reducing uncompensated risk while opportunistically allocating investments across a range of core and off-benchmark sectors. 

March 31, 2024
Core Plus Opportunities

Seeks to outperform the benchmark by eliminating or reducing uncompensated risk while opportunistically allocating investments across a range of core and off-benchmark sectors. 

March 31, 2024
Intermediate Fixed Income

Intermediate seeks to outperform the benchmark by eliminating or reducing uncompensated risk from investments in fixed income intermediate securities.

March 31, 2024
Short Duration Government Credit 1-3 Year

The Short Duration Government Credit 1-3 Year investment objective is to provide, over an interest rate cycle, a total rate of return that exceeds the return of the benchmark index.

March 31, 2024
Strategic Bond

Strategic Bond managed by the Global Fixed Income team. 

March 31, 2024
Structured Product Opportunities

Unconstrained, seeking to outperform Libor through top-down analysis and bottom-up security selection.

March 31, 2024
Structured Product Total Return

Seeks to outperform the benchmark through top-down analysis and bottom-up security selection.

March 31, 2024

Seeks to maximize total return by outperforming the market and our competition while managing against downside risk.

March 31, 2024
High Yield

Seeks to identify securities that will minimize defaults and maximize yield and capital appreciation.  

March 31, 2024
Low Volatility High Yield

Seeks to earn attractive, risk-adjusted income through a combination of safety and yield. 

March 31, 2024
Global High Yield

Seeks to outperform the benchmark by seeking to eliminate uncompensated risk from investments in below investment grade securities.

March 31, 2024
High Yield Active Core

Seeks to outperform the benchmark by eliminating uncompensated risk from investments in below investment grade securities. 

March 31, 2024

Seeks to outperform the benchmark by eliminating or reducing uncompensated risk from investments in corporate credit securities. 

March 31, 2024
Municipal Taxable Active

Principally invests in taxable municipal bonds that are rated investment grade. 

March 31, 2024
Municipal High Yield

Seeks to generate attractive after tax returns by investing primarily in lower investment grade and non-investment grade municipal securities.

March 31, 2024
Municipal Investment Grade

Seeks to generate attractive after-tax returns by investing primarily in investment grade municipal securities.

March 31, 2024
Municipal Short Term

Seeks to generate attractive after tax returns by investing primarily in tax-exempt and taxable municipal securities with a maximum portfolio duration of three years. 

April 12, 2022
Strategic Bond

A dynamic allocation across multiple market environments. 

April 12, 2022
Core Plus Opportunities

A different kind of core plus fixed income solution. 

Employee Spotlight - Frances Lewis

Director, Research, MacKay Municipal Managers

Employee Spotlight - Chris Roberti

Chief Marketing Officer,  MacKay Municipal Managers


Employee Spotlight - Chris Garcia

Director, Emerging Market Debt

Employee Spotlight - Parul Miglani

Director - High Yield Team

Employee Spotlight - Cameron White

Managing Director - Head of Fundamental Research 

Employee Spotlight - Riley Osborn

Analyst - High Yield Team



Employee Spotlight - Michelle Hennigar

Head of the Business Response Team

Employee Spotlight - Philip Fielding

Co-Head of Emerging Market Debt Team

Employee Spotlight - Valentina Chen, CFA

Co-Head of Emerging Market Debt Team 

Employee Spotlight - Rene Bustamante

Chief Administrative Officer

Employee Spotlight - Alina Sysak

Enterprise Business Services Associate


Employee Spotlight - Thomas Musmanno

Client Portfolio Manager

MARCH 21, 2022
Balancing How to Stay the Course in Challenging Times

Inflation is rising across regions; the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank are on the cusp of normalizing interest rates.

MARCH 7, 2022
Dislocations in the Taxable Municipal Market Today

Given the backdrop of both geopolitical tensions and changing monetary policies at a global level, we have seen elevated volatility since the beginning of the year. 

FEBRUARY 24, 2022
International Equity Market Review and Outlook

In 2021, stock selection within the Healthcare and Technology sectors drove most of the outperformance of our International Equity strategy. 

FEBRUARY 17, 2022
Remaining Constructive on the Outlook

Yes, there’s reason to worry about inflation and the Federal Reserve’s hawkish pivot. But there are also reasons to remain constructive about the outlook. Here are three.