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Why Taxable Municipal Bonds

As interest picks up in the municipal bond space, MacKay Shields wanted to take you back to the basics. The MacKay Municipal ManagersTM team starts from the beginning and answers some of the burning questions investors have in the growing asset class. 

Are All Muni Bonds Tax Exempt?

Wait, aren’t all municipal bonds tax exempt? Bob Burke, Portfolio Manager on the MacKay Municipal Managers team, answers this and other questions investors have around taxable municipal bonds.

Gain Muni Exposure Through a Specialized Manager

When investors contemplate about including municipals in their portfolios, they believe it’s already covered with their core managers. So then should investors look to be exposed directly to these funds or through a specialized managers? 

Think Outside the Usual Toolbox

What are some of the lessons learned from the inclusion of high yield corporates and how are they similar to taxable and tax exempt municipals?