Today’s unique environment requires unconventional thinking.  We believe these fixed income solutions can help equity investors de-risk their portfolios while maintaining attractive risk/return profiles. 


Unlocking Potential: High Yield Bonds for De-Risking

Joseph Maietta, CFA, Client Portfolio Manager explores the evolution of the U.S. high yield market since 2008, its potential for de-risking portfolios in the current environment and its relative value compared to equities.


Thriving Late-Cycle—Municipal Bonds

Robert Burke, Portfolio Manager at MacKay Municipal Managers, discusses the size, benefits, performance, and unique opportunities offered by taxable municipal bonds, an often overlooked asset class, to complement an investor’s core bond allocation.


Downside Mitigation and Upside Exposure

By combining fixed income characteristics with the potential for equity upside, convertible bonds offer a unique opportunity to reduce downside risk and maintain exposure to equity gains. Edward Silverstein, Head of Convertibles, delves into the historical volatility and performance of the asset class and presents a compelling case for risk-averse investors to consider.



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