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Will the Stars Align for a More Orderly Transition?

The IRA represents the emergence of a national climate policy in the US, one that relies primarily on incentives in hopes that innovation will drive change.  This approach may pose challenges to achieving the legislation’s emission reduction goals.

The Macroeconomic Effects of the IRA

What are the likely macroeconomic effects of the IRA?  While the IRA should result in significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions over time, it is likely to have very little impact on one of its stated goals.

Implications for the Auto Industry

How does the passage of the IRA impact automakers transition plans, auto parts manufacturers supply chain and electric vehicle demand? Our credit analysts discuss the potential impact as it relates to the investment grade and high yield credit markets.

Implications for the Energy Sector

How do the IRA incentives impact renewable energy investment and production, emerging carbon capture technologies, battery storage buildout, and nuclear power subsidies? Our Head of Fundamental Research Cameron White offers perspective.