What is your favorite part about working in Corporate Actions?

I love being able to collaborate with all investment teams and various other groups like the Data Team, Client Services, Quality Control, etc. I like the fact that we get a lot of exposure,which diversifies my knowledge at MacKay and in the business in general. 

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

I love trying new experiences whether it’s trying a new restaurant, an activity, or traveling. I currently live in Jersey City, so at least once a month, I like to try a new bar or restaurant in the area. A recent new activity I did was a “party” pasta making class where there is an open bar with lots of wine and spritz throughout the night. They start you off with a few appetizers and then guests make 2 types of pasta from scratch. Once the pasta is done being made, the chefs makes 2 different types of sauces and serve it family style, which was a fun and interactive activity. My goal for traveling is to go to a new destination every year to experience a different culture. This year I went to London and on a cruise to the U.S Virgin Islands, both for the first time. 


What are some of your favorite MacKay community events that you’ve participated in? 

I loved the pickle ball event! I think it was a great way to see everyone’s sporty and competitive side along with great food, drinks and company when off the courts. In addition, the Wellness Walk Wednesday’s is another activity I love participating in as I try to get steps in every day anyways, so being able to walk in a semi-large group for a great cause, makes it an even better experience! The Inclusion Champion meetings is another MacKay event that I enjoy attending. To me, these meetings are great as we learn valuable lessons on how employees play a pivotal role in fostering a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging at this firm. 


If you weren’t in your current role, what job would you have? 

I've always had an eye for architecture and/or interior designing. I grew up watching a lot of HGTV and my top 3 favorite shows were House Hunter, Fixer Upper and Love it or List it. My mom is a real estate agent, my aunt is an interior designer and my grandma was a furniture/clothing fabric designer, so I had a lot of exposure in this field. I always love seeing the transformations of an old dingy house converted into a beautiful updated home. 

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