In your view, why was it important for MacKay to host an event specifically aimed at empowering and advancing women in the workplace.  What were your biggest takeaways from the sessions?

The Women's Event was a great occasion to bring the women of MacKay together, to share career stories, discuss new means of career development and spend time to get to know other members across different teams.  Having always worked in the Princeton office, I had not had time to really get to know many women across different parts of the business.  There is tremendous talent throughout MacKay and it is important to help develop and advance their careers.  And it is important for us to work together as teammates and mentors.  We will be starting a mentorship program as a takeaway from the event.  

Can you describe your career journey? What inspired you to pursue a career in the investment industry, and what advice would you share with those starting their careers in investments?

I have been a municipal bond credit analyst for almost 30 years, so clearly I like it.  I always say you have to find something that motivates you and helps you achieve your goals.  I have always been very analytical and was an economics major in college.  I feel that I continue to use my economics analysis in all of my daily municipal credit research.  I also have the benefit of working with some great colleagues through the years - many who I still work with today.  Those relationships have mentored me and motivated me and my career development.  So find some good teammates and mentors that will support your career and motivate you to achieve your professional and personal goals.


MacKay Municipal Managers is nearing its 15th year anniversary.  What are the team’s biggest goals this year, and how can the firm work together to support those goals? 

We continue to pursue strong performance for our clients and investors. The past few years have been challenging in the fixed income markets with a lot of volatility but we really believe this is a great opportunity to be adding to the municipal market due to strong credit fundamentals and great total return potential.  I also spend a great deal of my time working with new members on our credit research team and I really hope that I can continue to help them and their development.          


What is something that you hope to accomplish or do this year outside of work?

As always, I hope to be able to spend some great time with my family, making wonderful memories.  We have several special family weddings this year and I am really looking forward to traveling with my family and enjoying these times together..


If you weren’t in your current role, what career path would you pursue?

Ha!  That's a funny one!  I always say I was a farmer in my past life - I love to garden and I can spend hours working in the yard.  I love my garden and watching things I have planted grow.  In the summer, I come home from work and work in the yard until it is dark.  My girlfriend just built a greenhouse and I have told her when I retire, I am going to go work in her greenhouse. 


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