While providing investors with a multiverse of global exposure and opportunities, we believe it's time for some fresh thinking around the evolving nature of Emerging Market Debt. 


Seeking tradable themes in a multipolar world

MacKay Shields Emerging Market Debt team discusses the diversification of global influence beyond traditional economic powerhouses like China and the US, and how emerging countries open up new prospects for investors. The team dives into the different opportunity sets in both the corporate and sovereign bond space, and where they see attractive opportunities for active security selection in the coming years.


China: A Risk to Avoid or an Attractive Entry Point?

Does China have a place in emerging market portfolios, or are its debt, deflation and demographic risks too strong? The MacKay Shields EMD team debates the China opportunity from both sides, and how investors can assess their risk tolerance while taking advantage of the diverse Chinese bond market, its steady growth and rich natural resources.


The Investment Case for Leapfrogging

Technological leapfrogging, a phenomenon in which innovation has accelerated development in emerging country industries, has created unique early-stage growth opportunities for investors. The MacKay Shields EMD team explores how this expedited growth, coupled with young demographics and large populations in these emerging countries, can result in compelling long-run investment ideas.



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