As we emerge from the impact of COVID, a clearer picture comes to light on a global scale of where the U.S. and other major societies, powers, and international relations now stand. Some for the better, some for the worse, and continued uncertainty for the near future regarding the nature and future of U.S. relations and intensified strategic competition—particularly with China.

From a U.S. vantage point, the country seems eerily different as most citizens experience a deep desire for some measure of post-shutdown normalcy. And in the international arena, a new U.S. president and administration bring new policies, pronouncements, and perspectives to foreign diplomacy, commerce,

and global leadership. Therefore, monitoring geopolitical risks and international exposure has never been more important—especially when attempting to maintain a resilient portfolio.

At New York Life Investments, we are built on a legacy of managing volatility. Therefore, we have partnered with John Sitilides, diplomacy consultant to the U.S. Department of State and head of Trilogy Advisors, to help you better understand what these geopolitical shifts mean for your clients’ portfolios.

By clicking on the VIEW PDF button above, you will gain access to our insights on:

  • How China has become a bolder global powerhouse after COVID
  • The importance of Taiwan as a geopolitical lynchpin to Asian balance of power
  • Russia’s supremely disruptive attempts to destabilize western markets
  • The global roles the EU, Japan, and India play across the geopolitical landscape

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