Eye of the storm: navigating COVID-19’s crosscurrents

In our 2020 outlook, released in December, we expressed concerns about economic and market vulnerability. Companies, having experienced decelerating profits since 2015, did not have an adequate buffer against risk. Valuations were elevated, forward-looking economic data had grown a bit wobbly, and trade frictions had tested global supply chains. The threat to investment portfolios was that the bull market’s end could come swiftly and without warning.

COVID-19’s spread, or more specifically, efforts to contain the spread, have magnified these market risks. On its own, the financial ramifications of the virus to the U.S. would be serious. Exacerbated by these pre-existing economic weaknesses, it risks creating a chain reaction.

Our instinct is to remain conservative in our investment policy. Despite a global recession, we have yet to witness the hallmark attributes that entice us to take a meaningful overweight in risk assets.

We believe the virus’s path and the effectiveness of policy response to it will define the economic and investment environment from here. That said, any outlook related to the economy, policy, or earnings is going to be highly uncertain. That means we can expect to experience moments of market excitement, as well as periods of profound disappointment.

In times of high market volatility, any deviation from an investor’s strategic benchmark will be acutely felt. Most investors would be best served by staying invested, and avoiding deviations from their long-term goals.

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